Our Employees


"My journey in Banco PRIMUS has been marked by constant learning. The possibility of being able to interact with the different areas of the Bank and to participate in exciting projects has contributed towards enriching my experience and broadening my knowledge.

Banco Primus has a good working environment and this is due to a strong and dedicated team. I foresee an alluring future."

Joana Melo e Castro, Organization Technician in Portugal



"I take great pride in being part of Banco PRIMUS where dynamism, team spirit and innovation are always present.

People whom I have the opportunity of working with and the challenges that the Bank offers on a daily basis are undoubtedly a source of motivation to do more and better."

Jorge Félix, Permanent Control Technician in Portugal



"I have worked at Banco PRIMUS since February 2008, so I am the company's 4th employee. I've seen the "birth" of the company, participated in the development of processes, and, above all, I saw how a team was formed. Over the past three and a half years, there were constant changes, but what remained unchanged was the possibility of continuing professional development: each day represents a new challenge and the Board has an open mind that allows for new ideas, one of the major reasons for working here. The Bank's aim is to offer competitive and quality products to clients, so employees are expected to deliver the highest level of commitment. This results in a team formed by good professionals, to which I am proud to belong."

Mátrai Éva, Head of Organization in Hungary



"The experience at Banco Primus has been rewarding and enriching, constituting in the professional point of view, a challenge to my development. Despite the international economic environment, overcoming the difficulties inherent in this activity has contributed to strengthening values ​​so important to the company, such as teamwork, creativity and commitment to the project.

In short, the work has clearly been an encouragement and a fundamental human experience for my professional and personal development."

Reyes Junquera, Head of Operations in Spain